A-Z World Market Review (Exit Scam April 2019)


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After Alphabay shutdown, there was a void in the darknet industry; people searching for alternatives to fill in the gap. A-Z World  is one such alternative which we will talk about today in this A-Z World market review.

Throughout this A-Z World Market review we’d talk about all the crucial aspects of the marketplace  including its User-interface, security, availability of products, Vending on the marketplace and everything else in between.

Note that this review is purely for educational purposes; engaging in any activity, both legal or otherwise is completely and solely your own responsibility. This isn’t an encouragement to go darkweb-shopping.

A-Z World Overview

A-Z world specializes in Digital Goods; although that in no way means it doesn’t sell Physical products, only that the quantities of Digital Goods currently surpasses the quantity of Physical ones.

Another exclusive with A-Z world is; it’s not only a Darknet Market but also has an in-built Cards and Socks5 checker so that’s an added bonus.

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A-Z World Registration

A-Z World is a marketplace which requires registration and it’s not optional; no part of the platform can be viewed/accessed without registration.

However contrary to popular belief, the registration isn’t any security or privacy threat, and is completely anonymous as well as privacy-respecting.

NordVPN 2

The only reason it’s required is to make it easier for buyers and vendors to purchase, track their orders, file disputes and so on.

The only required details for registration are:

  • An Username.
  • A password.
  • A 6-digit PIN.

You do see how none of that is any threat to your privacy; don’t you?

A-Z world User interface

When you first land on A-Z world; you’d be greeted with an anti-DDoS page; it may be frustrating to some but it shouldn’t be as it only points to how serious they are about their security. Also, bypassing that only needs like a second or so.

Post-registrations; this is what a new-user dashboard looks like:

For starters there’s the top-bar with options such as Support, Forum, Services, API, or “Become a Seller”.

Then the user profile-information is displayed on the top-left of the left-sidebar; making it easy for users to get to know their BTC balance, level, and other such information.

The left-sidebar hosts the product-categories alike most other darknet markets; however it’s divided into two major parts; the Autoshop and the normal (non-autoshop) shop.

Scrolling further down you’d see the marketplace’s search-bar with all the filters, finally followed by the PGP key and Verify option.

The centre-screen is reserved for the featured-product display; followed by a history of Cards and Socks5 checking.

Did I mention the Marketplace has dual-themes? You can actually switch between a Black or a White theme, whichever suits you best.

 Bottomline; If you’ve been with other Darknet Markets; you’d probably notice that this isn’t exactly the same, yet not completely different either and is quite easily understandable.


The growth in the number of products on the marketplace is astounding; It was 1088 72 hours ago; then it bumped up to 1117 and as of today in less than 3 days it’s 1227 to be exact.

As for the type of products; they’re mostly digital. The marketplace has an AutoShop which is where you can purchase goods such as:

  • Cards
  • Socks5
  • RDPs
  • PayPal Accounts.

The Auto-shop is exclusive considering how not many marketplaces offer this; it’s where you can instantly purchase the listed products; without waiting for some vendor to come online, validate, accept, and then dispatch them.

Then there’s the non-autoshop shop; means the shop which does require manual vendor acceptance and dispatch. Some of the available products are:

  • Drugs
  • Fraud
  • Security and hosting
  • Leaks and Databases.
  • SQL Injection
  • Exploits
  • Software
  • Hacking and Vulnerability
  • Porn and Erotica.
  • Other listings etc.

Note that “Drugs” which had absolutely 0 listings just 6 hours ago, suddenly got 18 products enlisted in the category hence forcing me to edit this A-Z World market review altogether (talk about growth huh?).

Although Fraud is the most well-stocked category on the marketplace with as many as 215 individual listings, it sells items such as Credit Cards, Fedex accounts, Gmail accounts, hacked PayPal accounts, Money-making guide and everything else related to Fraud.

The second most well-stocked category is “Guides and Tutorials” with 199 listings so far; obviously as the name suggests it sells Guides on how to cashout PayPal accounts, Web-hacking guides, carding guides, or even a guide on “how to become fake Uber driver”!

How can a Darknet Market not have Porn-related listings? It’s the third most product-rich category on A-Z world and primarily sells Porn accounts and hidden-cam videos.

The other categories too have some listings in them however they aren’t as heavily stocked as these top three ones.


Security is without doubt one of the most important and crucial aspects of any darknet market; don’t you agree?

Considering how no law, cop or agency would help if someone hacks into your Darknet market accounts and runs away with your coins, or scams you.

A-Z world has made sure that doesn’t happen by implementing the following security features:

  • Personal Phrase
  • 2-Fa
  • Recovery Phrase
  • 6-Digit PIN.
  • Escrow

Personal Phrase is like the Login phrase available on some other marketplaces, it’s unique to your profile and is displayed in your primary dashboard.

Because this is stored on the marketplace’s database, even though the layout and content of the marketplace may be copied by a phishing website, this won’t be displayed if you logged in using a phishing link.

Hence hinting the scam to you; letting you change your passwords on the actual marketplace or enable other security measures.

2-FA is also available, the marketplace would provide you with a secret phrase which can only be decoded with your personal PGP private key; and it’s required in addition to your password to log in everytime.

So even with your passwords compromised; with 2-FA enabled a hacker can’t log into your accounts.

Then there’s the recovery phrase which is displayed as soon as a user registers on the platform; it’s like the Mnemonic code provided with Bitcoin accounts, a random string of words which lets you recover the account in case you lose access.

If all of that’s not enough it also has a 6-Digit PIN which users set during registration which is used to make all major changes to the accounts; so even if your password and PGP key are compromised, the damage can still be contained as long as this remains safe.

Then obviously there’s the marketplace escrow which makes sure vendors do not rip off buyers; or vice-versa.

Bottomline; it’s one of the most secure darknet marketplaces in existence today.

Search Filters

This section on this A-Z World Market review will deal with the efficiency, accuracy, speed and overall performance of the search-filter provided on the marketplace.

That’s so because with a marketplace which boasts over 1000 products; it’s not feasible for users to manually scroll or find every single product they need; hence the search filter is what becomes their guiding light.

As for A-Z World market; it provides filters for:

  • A Keyword.
  • Listing type (All / Auto Delivery / Unlimited Stock).
  • Pricing
  • New Listings/Most views etc.
  • And finally category.

Now in my personal experience not a lot is missing; although obviously additional filters for “shipping country” or “destination country” could be appreciated, however it’s not a deal-breaker.

Vending on A-Z Market

A darknet market isn’t only for “buyers”, vendors too play an equally or maybe the more dominant part in its reputation, growth and everything else; don’t they?

Well A-Z World market does accept third-party vendors; meaning individuals with absolutely no ties to the market administration team too can vend on the marketplace.

Although they do have to pay a USD $60.00 vendor bond; which is refundable when the vendor account is closed; however only if it’s in good standing; meaning that the vendor isn’t being kicked out of the platform and is rather withdrawing voluntarily.

Payment Modes

This is an aspect which isn’t as impressive with A-Z World market as its other features, it currently only accepts Bitcoin.

No doubt Bitcoin is the most secure and anonymous Cryptocurrency; but still some more options would probably make things easier.

Final Words

So that’s me dropping the pen on this A-Z World Market review folks; hope we took into account every single detail you’d want answered before going/not going with the marketplace?

In my personal opinion, it’s more than just a marketplace; it’s a fortified trading hub, complete with its own card checkers and autoshop so the least it deserves is a one-time try maybe?

But hey don’t let my opinions cloud you; do drop your own two cents about this A-Z World market review as well as the marketplace in general.