7BitCasino Review – Yay or Nay? Trusted? Pocket-Friendly? Know It All.

7bitcasino Review

7bitcasino is one of the most popular Bitcoin gambling site out there and for that very reason the thought of me sharing this 7bitcasino review with you folks hit me up.

Throughout this piece along with my own personal experience and opinion, I’ll be using some solid metrics and facts to help you judge the creditability, features and benefits of using 7bitcasino.

Considering how I’ve also spent quite some time with Fortune Jack and mBitcasino as well, I’ll also at times compare 7Bit to them and other casinos to make the difference clearer and easier to gauge.

At a first glance, 7bit does look promising, and has a lot of trust factors which I pay special attention to before signing up at any casino, along with its ease of registration, payment modes, currency support, support and everything else.

7bitcasino Overview

Here’s a glimpse of what this 7bitcasino review will talk about in detail in the later section:

  • Website: https://7bitcasino.com
  • Signup: Instant account activation
  • Bonus:  100+ Free Spin + 5 BTC
  • Games: 1000+
  • Currencies: BITCOIN, EUR, GBP, CAD, RUB, AUD, SEK, NOK and USD.
  • Provably fair.
  • Licensed under Curacao Laws.
  • Support: E-mails as well as Live Chat.
  • Rating: 4.5/5

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1. Trust Factors

Bitcoin isn’t an exactly “legal” entity, and it’s not completely traceable either, so you need to be ultra sure that the casino you’re putting your money in, can be trusted, right?

I personally use certain metrics to determine any Bitcoin lottery (casino) site’s creditability.

2. Provably Fair

This is the very first factor I check for with every Bitcoin betting site I review. Provably fair is the process by which any Bitcoin casino can prove its legitimacy and “Fairness” of the games.

If a site is provably fair, in that case, it generally has a link to its Provably fair page somewhere on its homepage, using the page you can verify its algorithms, methods, or working-process which validates that all the games really are as fair and random as they claim to be.

This is because if the site has a good algorithm, their house edge is generally enough to cover their expenses and get them good profits, so they don’t need to be “not fair”.

Not a lot of casinos “are” provably fair, but 7bit is! You can check its functioning method on this page.


So this does assure that Bitcoin gambling on 7bit is fair and isn’t edged towards the house.

3. Other Metrics

Apart from being Provably fair, the site also is licensed under the govt. of Curacao, so yes it does answer to someone.

Also, it has a real, physical address which it shares publicly with its users on its homepage,  which further boosts its credibility.

And then, its license number – 131879 too is publicly shared and can be verified by anyone for its legitimacy.

To top it all up, it has quite a few “trust-seals” on its homepage, being supported by AskGamblers, LCB, OCR Seal of Approval, New bonuses seal of approval and some others which aren’t exactly super authorities, but do help us trust the platform a bit more.


So in my personal opinion and experience, yes your Bitcoins remain safe on the platform.

4. Registration

After you’ve been assured of a site’s fairness, and trust; I bet the next step that comes up is registration.

I include this in this 7bitcasino review because in my opinion, the ease, time-taken, privacy policy and anonymity guaranteed during registration at any Bitcoin casino also add towards the casino’s overall aura, don’t they?

As for 7bitcasino, the process is fairly simple. They ask for some simple details, such as Email/Nickname/Currency and an optional Bonus code.


As I’m sure you can determine for yourselves, this process won’t take more than 2 minutes for anyone on the planet to fill, would it?

The company also recently made KYC mandatory. Withdrawals are now only possible after you upload documents and verify your identity. Deposits and games can still be played without any verification.

The verification E-mail too, which I’ve noted with certain other Bitcoin casinos to take a lot more time, in this case, arrived instantly so that too I believe deserves a mention, doesn’t it?

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5. Promotions / Bonuses

After we’ve verified the casino’s fairness, and simplicity of registration process in this 7bitcasino review, it’s time to talk about its Bonuses, isn’t it not?

Every Bitcoin casino tries to offer atleast some kind of Bonus to its members, primarily as Signup bonuses, first-second-third deposit bonuses, Weekly Bonuses and/or Loyalty bonuses.

Well, 7Bit offer all of those! Yup, its Bonus page is demandingly interesting so let’s have a look at what you stand to win apart from the cash you put in.


First of all, there’s a 100% Signup bonus (upto 100 EUR or 1.5BTC), along with 100 free spins.

Now in my personal experience, it’s good but not great cause hey being honest, FortuneJack offers as much as 200% Signup bonus, along with 200 free spins.

I’m pointing that out only because I aim to make this 7bitcasino review as honest and transparent as possible, and I’ve found it always helps to compare one product to the other to establish its worth.

This Registration Bonus is applicable on a 1st deposit, so whatever you put in (as long as you meet its minimum deposit limit- EUR/USD/ RUB 20 or its equivalent in any other currency, or 0.0025BTC), doubles itself and I’m sure there isn’t much to complain about it.

Then on the second deposit, they provide a 50% Bonus which again can be availed upto 100EUR or 1.25BTC.

A third deposit bonus is present as well, again 50% of your deposit upto 100EUR or 1.25BTC

And finally, a fourth deposit bonus which is again boosted back to 100%, probably because of your continued use of the platform, upto 100EUR or 1BTC.

So technically, they provide a total of 300% of your first four deposits, that’s 3 times of your money, or 5BTC for free and I’d say it’s pretty satisfactory.

As far as withdrawal of the bonuses goes, all bonuses can only be withdrawn after they’ve been wagered 40 times, and this has to be done within 14 days, or else the bonus expires.

And there are certain games which have been specified on their homepage which do not qualify for meeting the wagering requirements.

Bottomline, I’d say there are certain strings attached to the Bonuses and you best read their bonus page carefully and thoroughly before betting your real or bonus money on any game.

Wait, that’s not all. Apart from the Signup bonuses, 7bitcasino also flaunts weekly bonuses on Mondays, Wednesdays and Weekends.

On Mondays, there’s a 25% reload bonus which grants you 25% of your deposits, and is limited at 25EUR or 12mBTC.

Wednesdays bring with themselves 100free spins for EUR50 or 0.004BTC deposit, or you can go for 40 free spins for 20EUR or 0.0025BTC deposit.

And finally weekends are known for their generosity, which provides 10% cashback upto 25EUR or 12mBTC.

5.1 No deposit bonuses

These are probably a recent addition, and weren’t available the last time we updated this 7Bit Casino review

These bonuses are offered without requiring any deposit whatsoever.

20 free spins are awarded. Twice.

They can be simply activated from profile > bonuses.

The maximum amount which can be won with the free spins is 25CAD. And there’s a 45x wager requirement before this bonus can be withdrawn.

They also have an expiry time of 3 days. So, they must be used within that time-period.

Note that the other bonuses are activated automatically.

However, these free spins must be activated manually.

In some rare cases, the automated bonuses aren’t credited. In which case we’re required to contact the team manually and avail the bonuses.

Also note that, a number of countries including Latvia, Pakistan, Sweden, Belarus, Romania, Bangladesh, Cyprus etc. are restricted from claiming bonuses. Not from “playing” on the Casino in general, but from claiming bonuses.

Now here’s my two cents for this 7bitcasino reviews as far as bonuses go, the bonuses are great no doubt, especially the Registration bonuses, but to be honest the weekends bonus are not what I’d expect.

The reason being, I’ve been with other casinos where I’ve been provided much higher weekend bonuses along with Signup bonuses as well.

So yeah it’s good, but it can be better in my personal opinion.

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6. Number, Types, Quantity, and Availability of Games

After all is said and done, what remains for us is to weigh its available games and type of those games.

Cause hey, a “casino” without enough, or adequate games isn’t of any use, is it?

As of now, it has the following categories:

  • Hits
  • All Games
  • Slots
  • Table
  • Jackpot Games
  • Live

Hits probably denote the games which have most popular on the platform. They’ll help you easily find the most played games if you’re new on the platform.

All games obviously list all the available games.

Slots is one of the most popular categories not only in a real life, brick and mortar casinos, but also on online casino Bitcoin including 7bitcasino. In the slots category itself, it has over 900 games which I’d say is pretty good.

Then there are table games which consist of games played on tables in real-life, followed by Jackpots which simulate real life casino jackpots and offer huge prizes. I’m sure an explanation so as to what these games are or how they’re played isn’t necessary as far as this 7bitcasino review goes.

So overall, it has over 1,000+ games so yeah I’m happy because it’s at par with nearly all my previous experiences of gambling with Bitcoin at any other casino.

7. Live Games

I like to include this category of games separately because they are pretty different. These are newer kinds of games which can be played in ‘real-time’, ‘live’, with a real human being as your dealer.

The game is set on a real table, in a physical capacity and the progress or action of the game is relayed to the players via live-feed.

You can use your computers to bet on the games. One of the benefits of a live game is that you can be sure of the result, and there can’t be any foul-play, or secret algorithm as it’s all “real” and live.

The Live games include a wide variety of games including Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat and their different types.

8. Payment Modes and Currencies Accepted

This is one of the strongest suits I can mention in this 7bitcasino review for the casino.

The reason being, it accepts a wide variety of fiat currencies, which isn’t common for Bitcoin casinos as they mostly deal with altcoins rather than fiat.


As of now, it accepts deposits via-

  • Visa cards
  • Master cards
  • Bitcoin
  • Maestro cards.
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Cubits
  • & Pay safe cards.

And the currencies accepted are:

  • EUR
  • GBP
  • CAD
  • RUB
  • AUD
  • SEK
  • NOK
  • and USD.

So basically, you don’t need to have any cryptocurrency to deposit funds, which means you’ll be saving quite a bit of transaction fee, and nearly all the major fiat currencies are supported which is great. But just in case you’d want to keep your identity anonymous and private on the Casino, for those individuals it does accept Bitcoin, hence the platform combines the ease of fiats as well as the anonymity of Cryptocurrencies making sure they suit just about every user!

Also, when you wish to cash out, they let you cash out via the following methods:

  • Visa card
  • Master card
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Cubits

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If you don’t have cryptocurrencies for deposit on the casino and looking best source where you can buy bitcoins or other popular cryptocurrencies then check out below given some links, that offers step by step guides for how you can buy bitcoins or cryptocurrencies by PayPal, debit cards, credit cards or via cash. Let’s check out!

9. Fee & Limits

7bitcasino does charge some fee depending on the deposit method used, and quite a few of them are free as well.

It charges around 2.5% fee on Visa, Mastercard and Skrill, while it’s 0.5% for Cubits, and deposits are 100% free for all the other methods that can be used.

There is no fee involved for withdrawal, and all withdrawals via any method are 100% fee-less.

So as far my opinion goes, 2.5% fee on card deposits isn’t too high, although yes I’d have loved if it was lower, but considering how you’re saving transaction charges on buying altcoins and then sending them to a casino, I’ll take the deal.

The minimum deposit limit is 10 USD or EUR via any method/transaction, and the maximum limit is 4000 USD or EUR.

The exact same limits apply to Withdrawal as well, even though the “total” withdrawal possible is unlimited, but withdrawal per transaction needs to be minimum 10 USD or EUR, and maximum 4000 USD or EUR.

We also recently learnt of the Casino’s “account inactivity fee”.  It’s one of the factors we didn’t like of the Casino, as there are a number of best Bitcoin Casinos without this fee.

So this fee basically is charged for “not using your account”. If you do not log in/out of the account for 12 months in a row, a fee of EUR 10.00/month is charged from the available balance. For this fee to be debited, a player must have funds in his/her account.

In case there are no funds, no inactivity fee is incurred. Also, logging in at any time nullifies this fee and renews the inactivity period again to 12 months.

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10. Support

And finally for the last section of this 7bitcasino review, let’s gauge its support. They can be reached via live-chat, which is my personal favourite method to reach them.

In the 5-6 instances I’ve tried to reach them at various times of the day, they always seemed available so yes their live-chat is responsive.

Apart from that, they also can be reached via E-mails in which case the replies do not take more than 24 hours so that’s satisfactory as well.

Even though I’d have loved phone support, not even the best Bitcoin gambling site offers that so let’s not take that into account.

11. VIP Program

The bonuses are cool, but the platform decided on being cooler. So it boosted its bonuses by a couple notches via its VIP Program.

It’s like a user’s “level“. The more games you play, the higher you go up the levels. Each level has its own benefits. For the most part, it’s just free spins.

The first level will get you 10 free spins. Level 2 will get you 30 free spins  followed by 50 free spins on level 3. 

But if you go above level 3, cashback starts rolling in. You can get cashbacks from 5% to 20% each Monday, depending on the VIP level you’re on.

E.g. you get 5% cashback on level 4. It’s 7% on level 5, 10% on level 6, 12% on level 7 and 15% on level 8. 

Well, you earn “points” for playing games. These points can then be used to exchange for real money. With each subsequent level, your “exchange rate” too increases. Meaning, by the time you reach level 8, your exchange rate will be 130%.

What this means? Well, if you give them 100 points, you’ll get benefits worth 130 points. Sweet, isn’t it?

As far as the “cashbacks” go. Well, those are for players who made deposits on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, then depleted their funds to 0 (zero). Also, only if they didn’t make a withdrawal in these 3 days. Also note that a minimum loss of 10 USD/EUR or 0.0042BTC must be incurred in order to avail the cashback.

Other currencies and Cryptocurrencies have their own minimum-loss requirements. Also, minimum 4+ deposits are required after registration for users to be eligible for the cashbacks. 

Note that you must have a minimum 100 comp points before you can convert them for real money. 

Final Verdict on 7BitCasino Review

So it’s a wrap for this 7bitcasino review folks. I know not how far I’ve succeeded in making the platform transparent for you folks, but I’m sure I’ve tried my best.

If you’d ask me to compare, I’d say there “are” better online casinos than 7Bit and I’m honest about it.

But in other light, the user interface on the casino is much better than even the best of casinos I’ve been with, and then it has every single feature that you or I would need.

Even the bonuses are more than satisfactory, being around 5BTC in total! So why complain, right?

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Anyway, do let me know your verdict and perception of 7bitcasino, and also your experience on this 7bitcasino review on our Facebook page, it does matter.